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About Us


HayezSquad, pioneering a new culture within our society with our selection of some of the wildest modified motors in the world. Add a hint of Desi flavouring and Urban Culturing to that and you get the illusive HAYEZSQUAD lifestyle. A lifestyle that involves a group of very close mates, all with one passion, Passion for MODIFIED MOTORS.

We have custom built some of the wildest motors in the world, which has won countless awards on the way and set the trend in the current modifying scene. Along with our current award winning motors, we also have line up of project cars currently in development for upcoming shows, so watch this space for those; they’re sure to make an impact!

We have joined forces with CENTRAL SOUNDS and RAPTOR STYLING to bring you PIMP YOUR RIDE; all your pimping needs under one roof. Whether you’re looking for a phat sound system, phat body kits, or even something beyond your imagination don’t look any further call our team today, they’re waiting to exceed your expectation. Click here for more details.

Along with our passion for modified motors, we are also very passionate about the urban music scene. This passion has seen us set the clubs and major shows on fire with our extremely talented DJs / MCs and Dancers.

We have teamed up with HS PRODUCTION, The home of freshest talent in the entertainment industry to bring you, your complete entertainment solution. HS PRODUCTION provides all kinds of entertainment to all sectors of the entertainment industry. So if you’re organising an event which requires, DJs / MCs, Break Dancers, Beat Boxers, Bhangra Dancer, Dhol Players, Singers and much much more don’t look any further call our team today, we specialise in, Event-Consultancy; proms, birthdays, wedding and so on.

All our modified motors are available for marketing and promotional purposes. To view our recent promotional tours please browse our PRESS RELEASE page or CONTACT US for more info.

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